iLight LO-FL Module

SII Company Canada


Plug and Play solution for your light out/dash errors and flickering issues on some problem vehicles.

General Use Information

  • For use to stabilize Daytime Running Light voltage, alleviating flickering
  • Keep DRL at full voltage, allowing the LEDs to function normally
  • Required for some one-off applications such as the 2006 BMW E92/E90, Dodge Ram 150/2500/3500 2008+
  • Eliminate bulb out/ light out error/warning for problem vehicles


(iLight LO-FL Module) Error Canceller Contents:

  • 2 x canceller units (one for each side)
  • 2 x 5.1 ohm 20 watt resistor
  • 2 x 16v 4700uF capacitor
  • 2 x Rectifier Diode 

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