About us

This is Schweiger International Imports and we are proud of our products because we know that after you install them, you are going to smile. You're going to continue smiling, because every time you are out, people are going to be looking.  What are they going to be looking at? Your cherry ride!  The ride that is standing out among the sea of bland!

Lets face it, stock SUCKS!  You haven't made your way here because you ride stock. You've made your way here because you ride custom!  This is why we've informally met.  As this site and business continues to grow (launched March 10/16) and develop we will continue to bring you nothing but the best products we can find.  We believe in the quality of every product that we sell so much that if anything happens to it we will replace it without question. This gives you - our Brothers & Sisters of the modified lifestyle the security to upgrade without worries and without having to ask yourself, 'Have I made the right choice? & Have I chose the right product?'.  Leaving you to only consider what your next mod or upgrade will be.

We all have this custom itch and SII Company intends to help scratch that itch by staying up - to - date with all the latest trends in the auto and power sport scene while offering nothing but the best in quality and efficiency.

Thank you for choosing US and WELCOME TO THE FAMILY!


Shawn Schweiger