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Did you order the correct size from the drop down menu?

Arctic Cat Pre 2011 = No option

Arctic Cat 2012+ = H4 kit

Polaris 2010+ = H13 kit

Skidoo 2008+(Not Gen4) = H4 kit

Skidoo Gen4 600R/850/850Turbo/900Turbo  = H13 kit

Lynx = H13

Yamaha = H4 kit

Arctic Cat & Polaris snowmobiles require extra Rectifier equipment, the rectifier converts AC power to DC power please make the selection when purchasing. Leave on 'No' For all other Makes. Skidoo sleds do not require a Rectifier, it doesnt matter if a Skidoo has pull start, shot or electric start. A Skidoo only requires the headlight kit.

 Powersports Alpha 2024 Kit 13000lm Output & 5 year warranty 


Unleash the relentless power of the Alpha LED 2024 kit – a night-driving juggernaut that commands the roads with an astonishing 13000lm, propelled by 16 Custom CSP Diodes churning out 130 Watts of sheer intensity! Since its groundbreaking debut in 2018, the Alpha LED series has dominated, and the 2024 edition now stands as the unrivaled champion, outshining all in both distance and output. Bid farewell to the outdated era of HID kits, as our Alpha LED 2024 kit propels you into a new era of high-speed, night-riding supremacy.

Gear up for the future with our LED Headlight Kit, transforming your headlamps into beacons of modern brilliance at a dazzling 6000K white. Brace yourself for an unparalleled light output, leaving factory lighting in the dust. Elevate your power sport vehicle to new speeds – this isn't just an upgrade, it's a revolution for those who crave the thrill of high-speed night journeys.
In a league of our own, we stand unmatched in the industry, pushing the boundaries of illumination technology to redefine the limits of your nocturnal adventures. Don't settle for ordinary when you can embrace the extreme brilliance of the Alpha LED 2024 kit, designed for the adrenaline-fueled excitement of high-speed night riding!

General Install Tips Click Here

Power: 65W per, 130W total consumption
Working Voltage: DC 12/24V
Chip:100 lm/W
Flux: 13000 lm
Heat dissipation : excellent
Lifespan: 50000 hours
Applicable type : all vehicles with H4, H13


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