Custom Color Bluetooth Snowmobile LED Headlight Kits

SII Company Canada


Bluetooth Custom Colors + High Powered White LEDs for your snowmobile headlights!

Arctic Cat 2012+ = H4 kit
Polaris 2010+ = H13 kit
Skidoo 2008+ = H4 kit
Gen4 600R/850 Chassis = H13 kit
Yamaha = H4 kit
Arctic Cat & Polaris snowmobiles without electric start require extra equipment, please make the selection when purchasing.

The first feature you get is 4 amazing COB LED chips totaling 6000lm to light your way through night. Light up the darkness like your halogen bulbs never could.

The second feature is the 4 awesome Bluetooth controlled RGB chips built into the bulbs. It allows you to select 16 million different custom colors to show off your style. Select different patterns, random colors, it will even morph to the music you are listening to on your Bluetooth device. Very cool!

It is a complete plug and play installation. Simply remove the factory halogen bulb and replace it with our LED bulb then, connect the factory electrical connection. Our RGB 16 million color LED kits put out a 6000lm white light for the headlight function. This kit has a secondary RGB LED pad that links wirelessly to your Bluetooth enabled device. Once your device is connected you can select 16 million different color options, set patterns, make the RGB light dance to whatever music you are streaming on your phone.

Come with a 1 year warranty.

Available for machines with H4 and H13 bulb variants. Sold in pairs with the Bluetooth controller. Everything is plug and play. Bluetooth controller has a positive and negative wire, hook this up to a 12v source and ground on the machine.


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