230° Wide FOV LED Headlamp

Schweiger International Imports

$39.99  $249.95

Our USB Rechargeable Headlamp is a versatile and effective lighting solution that can be used for many different applications. This LED headlamp, with its 230-degree Band light and side spot light, is ideal for commercial and residential work purposes, but it can also be used for all recreational activities.

Our LED Headlamp is the perfect solution for anyone who needs to work in low-light conditions, whether it's a mechanic or tradesperson. It can also be used by photographers as a portable source of light during nighttime photography. The bright, adjustable light ensures that you can complete tasks effectively in low-light situations or at night. It provides the visibility and productivity you need.

The convenience of USB charging eliminates the need to replace batteries constantly, making this a cost-effective, environmentally friendly option. Durable construction guarantees reliability and durability, even in harsh work environments.

Do not limit yourself only to outdoor activities. Our USB Rechargeable Headlamp is designed for work, commercial and recreational environments. Wherever you are going, illuminate your way to success.

-Weight: 125g
-Maximum lumen: 350 Lum
-Irradiation area:> 50 square meters
-Power: 10w
-Battery: 1200mAh lithium battery
-Charging method: USB-C
-Charging time: 4h
-Waterproof rating: IPX4
-Use time: 3 Hours On High, 8 Hours On Low

►Package includes
1 x Headlight
1 x USB Cable

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Customer Reviews

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It’s ok, not going to complain about a free headlamp!

Very bright, lots of fun in the dark!

These LED headlamps will change the way you camp with your kids! This headlamp is bright, adjustable and perfect for nighttime outdoor adventures. The kids love using the swipe on and off with the hands-free feature. When exploring with your children, the headbands make it easier to track their location if they take another route. Recommended for any camping trips, the kids love them!