Dodge Ram Dual Headlight Assembly Flickering

VEHICLE: Dodge Ram
ISSUE: Daytime running lights cause flickering if low beams are not switched on.
SUMMARY: This issue affects DUAL version of the Dodge Ram only. Those with the QUAD lighting system are not affected. Normally we can work around Daytime Running Light issues by tapping a capacitor to the DRL rail. This causes the DRL to turn on full power instead of flickering. In this case, the DRL uses the high beam, and if the DRL runs at full power, this is akin to running with high beams on all the time (when the lows are not switched on).
RESOLUTION: There are only several solutions:

  1. Install Sii Company Canbus LO/FL module
  2. Disable the Daytime Running Light system (recommended option).
  3. Always run with the low beams switched on.