Snowmobile High Performance LED Kits

SII Company Canada

$101.99  $199.99

Arctic Cat Pre 2011 = 8xx kit

Arctic Cat 2012+ = H4 kit

Polaris 2010+ = H13 kit

Skidoo 2008+ = H4 kit

Skidoo Gen4 600R/850 /900Turbo  = H13 kit

Yamaha = H4 kit

Arctic Cat & Polaris snowmobiles without electric start require extra equipment, please make the selection when purchasing.

Click here for the most powerful kit on the market, the 55w Ultra kit is king of the hill. No other headlight product has the distance and output of the 55w Ultra kit.

Powersports Standard Kit 7600lm Output & 1 Year Warranty

Powersports Alpha Gen 2 Kit 9600lm Output & 5 Year Warranty


The newly released Alpha kit is the brightest LED kit on the market. The Alpha kit puts out a whopping 9600lm from it's 24 ZES Gen2 Diodes driven at 90 Watts! These kits are unreal, our Premium kit has been the most popular kit since it's release last year. The newly released Alpha kit is our brightest creation and now wears the crown for distance and output supremacy. HID kits are officially obsolete.

Our LED Headlight Kit gives headlamps a Modern White (6000K), the light output is truly amazing compared to factory. This will be the best upgrade you have added to your power sport vehicle.

We are unmatched in the industry!

Our LED Headlight Kit gives your headlamps a Cool White (6000K), a clean look with 7600 (Standard) or 9600 (Alpha) Lumen high beam and 4800 low beam output and low 1.4 Amp current draw. 360 Degree side-firing LEDs use your entire headlight reflector, maximizing output. With an aluminum and copper core technology this kit maintains cooler operating temperatures and provide an extra long life. The waterproof drivers are CANBUS ready and operate under a wide input voltage range for a stable output. Easy to install kit comes with a 1-5 year no questions asked - hassle free warranty!

Powersports Standard Kit 7600lm Output & 1 Year Warranty

Powersports Alpha Kit 9600lm Output & 5 Year Warranty 

2 LED headlights with fan driven aluminum  and copper core heatsink, 2 bulb specific connectors, and 2 40w CANBUS compatible drivers. Price per kit.

Power: 40W
Working Voltage: DC 12/24V
Chip:130 lm/W
Flux: 7600 lm
Heat dissipation : excellent
Lifespan: 30000 hours
Applicable type : all vehicles with H4, H13, 880

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