Snowmobile Ultra HID 55W Kits

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Arctic Cat Pre 2011 = Unavailable

Arctic Cat 2012+ = H4 kit

Polaris 2010+ = H13 kit

Skidoo 2008+ = H4 kit

Skidoo Gen4 600R/850 /900Turbo  = H13 kit

Yamaha = H4 kit

Arctic Cat & Polaris snowmobiles without electric start require extra equipment, please make the selection when purchasing.


Requires Zero Modifications to Snowmobile Wiring

This it is the most powerful on the market, it has the furthest distance possible in a headlight application.

In our world of high performance machines we are always looking for the ultimate edge. Whether its shaving the heads, porting cylinders, big bore kits, turbos or light weight parts you get out what you put in.

With a bit of extra work you can take your snowmobile lighting to the next level. These kits take about 1.5 to 2 hours to install with basic hand tools. The reward for your effort is further light distance.

Upon request we have put together these HID kits. Everything required to install this system is included. We have been using these products for over a year in our Automotive installs on vehicles with projector headlights. These ballasts and bulbs are of the highest quality. Install this kits and have piece of mind that the system will fire every time you start your machine and perform awesome. 

Click here to watch the general install video on our Facebook page, we install on a 2018 Gen4 Summit that does not have electric start.


2 - 5500k HID Bulbs, Low/High Beam Function

2 - 55W Slim Digital Ballasts with PWM

2 - Aluminium Ballast Mounts with Double Sided 3M Adhesive pads

1 - Bi Xenon Relay Harness

Note: For machines with batteries you will attach the 12v wire to the battery. For machines that do not have batteries we recommend using a "Add-A-Circuit" at the fuse panel, see photos for example.

Some machines will require the customer to lengthen the 12v power wire or ground wires for their application. Have 14 gauge wire on hand with a solder station, heat shrink or electrical tape. 

We recommend grounding to the chassis or motor using a bolt location. With the ground wire being 24 inches or shorter.

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